The Original SKrAPr


The Skrapr & Skrapr Jr.
The SKrAPr, an indispensible tool used to tackle even the most annoying cleaning jobs. The SKrAPr, designed for cleaning a glass-top stove, is also safe on hard-anodized pans, le Crueset pots and pans, granite and marble counters, and most other smooth surfaces around the house.

Some examples of using The SKrAPr today..

In the Kitchen:

  • Counters: Granite, Marble, Corian, Silestone, and most other smooth counter surfaces.*
  • Glass-Top Stoves: Use The SKrAPr with only a small amount of water to remove most burnt food stains. For hard to clean areas the SKrAPr’s hardened edge can safely be used to remove these stains.
  • Griddles: Use The SKrAPr to easily remove burnt eggs, pancake batter, etc.
  • Le Crueset Pots and Pans: Stuck on rice, sauces around the edge, all easily removed on these types of cooking vessels with just a little water.
  • Hard Anodized Pots and Pans: Clean these with the flat side of the blade and a little water.
  • Cookie Sheets: Easily remove burnt chocolate and sugars with The SKrAPr’s edge.


Around the House:

  • Hardwood Flooring: Clean paint drips, putty, gum, etc., off wood surfaces and floors.
  • Tile Floors: Clean away paint, putty, glue residue quickly and easily from most smooth tiled surfaces.
  • Windows and Doors: The SKrAPr is the only tool that guarantees a scratch free cleaning while removing paint, bird droppings, stickers, etc, from your house windows.
  • Bathrooms: Remove soap scum in the shower, silicone caulking around the tub.
  • Living Room: Use The SKrAPr Jr to remove candle wax from tables, shelves, etc.


What our customers have to say…


It Really Works!!!!

Posted by Love Grace

Overall Rating:

“Husband loves it…..need I say more !!! He keeps one set in his garage and one in the house.”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Families

Kitchen Utility Tools

Posted by Grandma Vickie

Overall Rating:

“These are the most wonderful things for your glass stove top. I would recommend them to anyone. Best thing I have bought in a long time!! Great!!!”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Best Friends

Works in the shop

Posted by Carl11

Overall Rating:

“I use it to remove glue from work surfaces. it works great.
The only catch is it was not shipped as sharp as i would have liked. this was easily fixes with the included sand paper.”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Dads

Love These Handy Little Gems

Posted by anniegalannie

Overall Rating:

“I have found so many ways to use them. BUT, be careful and check carefully to see what they will and will not scratch. Just a handy thingee when you need a thingee. . .”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes

It’s quite good

Posted by CecilAndBeanie

Overall Rating:

“We’re selling our house and trying to make it look its best. We’ve found that The SKrAPr works wonderfully in removing hardened-on stuff from our bathroom, kitchen and stove countertops. There was even red nail polish on our bathtub which we had been unable to remove. We tried with a razor blade and a knife. They just damaged the tub. The SKrAPr lifted the polish without damage. We’re even using it now on fry pans. We’re pleasantly surprised to report that this product works really good.”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Families

Thought Did not Need….Now, Can’t Live Without

Posted by QVC devotee

Overall Rating:

“I watched the presentation of these Skrapr gadgets repeatedly thinking I did not need them & that the high QVC price was too much. Well, I finally “caved in” & now that I have them, I am very glad. I have a gas stove so I cannot speak to the glass stovetops. However, sometimes dry, with no cleaner, & sometimes with the assistance of some water or even some Goo Gone (available in all kitchen/hardware store areas), these Skrapr are saving time & getting the job done. I take the mailing labels off my QVC boxes before recycling. (Labels can lead to criminals stealing personal identity.) I use a hair dryer to loosen the label glue, but the Skrapr helps me get that corner edge up so I can just peel away. Around my kitchen sink, I had a buildup of calcium deposits (used vinegar in conjunction with Skrapr) & soap gunk. I had tape residue on my kitchen cupboard from a sign hung up. I used the smaller Skrapr to take stuck-on egg off of the area of the rivets on my non-stick fry pan. BE SURE TO DILIGENTLY PUT THE SMALL SKRAPR B A C K TO ITS APPOINTED PLACE IN YOUR HOME BECAUSE IT IS EASY TO “LOSE”…MISPLACE. I hate using razor blades because they can accidentally scratch & I might cut myself. They are no longer inexpensive, either. I am very pleased to have these Skrapr items in my home that is crowded with all my QVC merchandise. (I am not reluctant to return something if it is not working or useful to me.) I still think the price is too high but that is the only way to get them. By the way, the round sand-paper disks included are for cleaning off & resharpening the Skrapr edges….not for use on the glass stove top as one reviewer did. Recommended for purchase. (When my car registration sticker way down on the inside of that front window needs changing, I am ready for a once-difficult job.)”

Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes

 *The SKrAPr should be tested first on Stainless Steel counters and stoves as some Stainless Steels are softer than others and therefore may be marred by The SKrAPr.