The Spreadr


The SPrEADr, an innovative new kitchen tool that is safe for kids, and works great applying such spreads as peanut butter, icings, Ganache, jams and jellies. Manufactured from an FDA approved resin, The SPrEADr is dishwasher safe, very flexible, able to cut soft breads, and has a blade long enough to get to the jars bottom. Comes with either a serrated or non-serrated edge.

Great uses for The SPrEADr include..

In the Kitchen:

  • Use in kids lunches for a safe alternative to a knife.
  • Use The SPrEADr’s non-serrated edge with frostings and Ganache, on cupcakes and cakes. Makes icing easy and fun.
  • Use with any soft spreads including hummus.
  • The SPrEADr’s serrated edge is great for cutting soft breads and bagels.
  • Use with most cheeses, including cream cheese and brie.