The Skrapr HD


The Skrapr HD
The SKrAPr HD tackles the extra tough jobs. It is an indispensable toolbox item for hundreds of industrial, institutional and contractor uses. This product can be used on anything from delicate glass to the most hardened steel and will not leave a mark or scratch any smooth surface.

Some examples of industries using The SKrAPr HD today..

  • Agriculture: Cleaning tractor tires of mud, cleaning combine blades
  • Food Manufacturing: Cleaning small and large mixers, blades, ovens, conveyors, and small hardened food particles on floors
  • Wood Product Manufacturing: Cleaning hardened glue on wood surfaces and tension presses
  • Printing: Cleaning hardened ink from steel presses or drums
  • Furniture Manufacturing: Cleaning excess glue off wood surfaces and floors
  • Primary & Fabricated Metal Manufacturing: Cleaning away steel chips from blades and welding splatter from floors
  • Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing: Cleaning hardened plastics and grease from molding machine surfaces, cleaning delicate mold surfaces
  • Mining: Cleaning small debris from diamond drills
  • Electrical Parts & Equipment Manufacturers: Cleaning solder away from electrical boards
  • Construction &Housing Contractors: Cleaning paint and dried gypsum putty from windows and floors
  • Flooring & Window Contractors: Cleaning hardened grout from tile surfaces, stickers and paint from glass windows
  • Kitchen & Counter top Manufacturers: Cleaning dried glue from granite, Silestone, Corian, and other types of counter tops

Institional Uses

  • Schools: The SKrAPr HD works on dried gum, stickers on lockers and general use in the cafeteria.
  • Hospitals: Mildew and bacteria resistant and dishwasher safe. Used by janitorial and cleaning staff for many institutional applications.